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Large commercial rooftop projects: quick and safe installation & logistical optimization

Large commercial rooftop projects: quick and safe installation & logistical optimization


Webinar in cooperation with Virto Solar

The market for large-scale solar PV projects on roofs is booming. For the realization of all these projects, not only speed of project completion is important, but also the certainty of a high-quality and sustainable design process, crucial for overall quality. And not to forget, an optimal logistics process for an efficient installation.


Mark van Stralen, product trainer at Esdec, explains how you can install FlatFix Wave quickly, maximally and safely on large roofs. With attention to, among other things:
– Fast, error-free and screwless installation due to pre-assembled parts
– Maximum panel support by clamping on the long side of large panels
– Optimal ballasting through system rigidity
– Realization of large fields up to 40×40 meters
– Project support, both technical and operational, for flawless project progress.

Niels Smet, Product Owner at VIRTO, will demonstrate how to design fast, efficiently and accurately a safe project on large and multiple large roofs, while optimizing logistics and planning at the same time as well.
Efficient & safe design:
– Ballast calculation: ballasting spread, point load (in pdf report) and max. roof load, and edge zones.
– Maximize the number of panels & solar yield on a max. size field of 40 x 40m
– Automatic panel placement with a ESDEC mounting system preset
Logistics :
– Include multiple roofs with different orientations in 1 project.
– Optimize planning by assigning Bill of Materials to a specific roof segment.


Registration to this webinar is free. Please notice, that this webinar is hosted together with Virto Solar, so contact details will be shared with Virto Solar.


Mark van Stralen

Mark van Stralen

Product Trainer
Niels Smet

Niels Smet

Virto Solar




  • Starts: 02 februari 2023 at 11:00 AM
  • Ends: 02 februari 2023 at 12:00 PM

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