Sustainability at Esdec

Sustainable products

All Esdec products are made of high-grade and sustainable materials. All materials are 100% recyclable and have a very long lifespan. We invest a lot in the development of sustainable products, so that our products stay in excellent conditions for a long time. We produce our products in energy-efficient production facilities in the Netherlands. All waste is carefully separated and recycled.

Environmentally conscious suppliers

Our suppliers are carefully selected to ensure that they also protect environment and employees in a responsible manner. Our suppliers often work with people with less access to the labour market. Esdec is the largest source of employment for the most disadvantaged employees of the central Netherlands. Every day, a varying number of 80 to 120 people work in the production of our products at the Esdec headquarter and other centres for disadvantaged employees in the Netherlands.

Energy neutral

Our headoffice is completely energy neutral, and our logistics centre likewise has enough solar energy capacity to provide at least 100 households with electricity. Our products were designed with a small transport volume and weight in mind, allowing a significant CO2 footprint reduction during transport.


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