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Get to know the fast, reliable solar panel mounting systems from Esdec

As an installer of solar panels, you know how important the reliability of your mounting materials is. Fortunately, you can always turn to Esdec for the most reliable and compact solar panel mounting system, where ease of installation is key to success.

What should you pay attention to when choosing a solar panel mounting system?

There are numerous mounting systems available to installers for solar projects, and an important factor in choosing the mounting system is the roof type. Mounting systems for pitched and flat roofs use different materials, components, and mounting methods. As each roof type requires a different approach, the selection of mounting system must be an informed decision. Just as important is choosing a solar panel mounting system that protects the roofing, so as to leave a durable PV installation behind for the customer. Finally, as an installer, you will also need to consider the ease and speed of installation.

As Esdec was founded by installers, all these factors have been taken into consideration when designing and developing our solar panel mounting systems.

Why use an Esdec solar panel mounting system?

Esdec has been supplying universal mounting systems on pitched and flat roofs since 2004. What makes us unique is the fact that our company was founded by installers. Therefore it is easy for us to understand the challenges installers face on a daily basis and put the installer first when designing a solar panel mounting system. This approach has been highly successful, with Esdec becoming the international market leader in solar panel mounting systems. To ensure we stay at the top of our field, we invest heavily in testing, measuring, researching, and further developing out mounting systems every year. This ensures that both installers and their customers are always assured of the most modern techniques and innovative solutions, which are perfectly tailored to the new generation of solar panels. Moreover, all our products meet the strictest industry standards and safety requirements – for both residential and commercial applications.

What kind of mounting systems for solar panels does Esdec offer?

Esdec offers two types of mounting systems for solar panels: ClickFit for pitched roofs and FlatFix for flat roofs. Both mounting systems offer product lines that focus on specific types of roofing.

Logo Esdec ClickFit

ClickFit – The solar panel mounting system for pitched roofs

Due to the different types of roof coverings when mounting solar panels on pitched roofs, flexibility and ease of installation are very important. To counter this, Esdec has developed the ClickFit mounting system that is specifically tailored to the types of roofing installers have to deal with.

Esdec ClickFit solar panel mounting systems

ClickFit EVO

Thanks to ClickFit EVO’s innovative hook and click system, solar panels can be installed with just one tool.

Esdec solar mounting system pitched roof

 Logo Esdec Flatfix

FlatFix – The solar panel mounting system for flat roofs

For mounting on flat roofs, Esdec has developed the FlatFix solar panel mounting system. FlatFix is design with safety, reliability, durability, and the installer in mind. The materials used are resistant to all weather conditions and ensure that the system is long lasting. Furthermore, the aerodynamic design of the mounting system prevents the wind taking hold, which ensures that the entire PV installation is safely and reliably installed on the roof. Finally, the unique thermal decoupling feature ensures the mounting system moves with the roofing material as it shrinks or expands under the influence of changing temperatures. This prevents damage to the roof structure and the mounting system itself.

Flatfix Fusion solar panel mounting system

The FlatFix solar mounting system consists of two different product lines:

FlatFix Fusion

A fully modular and flexible mounting system for residential flat roofs, suitable for most modern solar panels with an inclination of 13°.

Read more about FlatFix Fusion >

FlatFix Wave Plus

The latest mounting system with a unique patented click system, designed specifically for large-scale commercial applications.

Read more about FlatFix Wave Plus >

Esdec Solar panel mounting system flat roof

More information about the solar panel mounting systems of Esdec

For more information about which solar panel mounting systems are best suited for your project, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We are more than happy to provide tailored advice, technical support, or no obligation quotes.


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