Easy installation of solar panels on pitched roofs with Esdec mounting systems

Since 2004, Esdec has specialised in supplying universal mounting systems for solar panels on all possible roof types. We have now grown into an international market leader.. We have developed a mounting system for solar panels on pitched roofs that enables you as an installer to work as quickly and efficiently as possible: Esdec ClickFit EVO.. This innovative, universal system ensures that the panels can be installed on all types of pitched roofs. Below we highlight the possibilities of the Esdec ClickFit EVO solar panel mounting system.

What Challenges Do You Face When Installing Solar Panels on a Pitched Roof?

When installing solar panels on a pitched roof, you have to deal with many different types of roof covering. Tiled roofs, steel roofs, and corrugated sheet roofs all require a different installation method. If you install solar panels on many different types of roofs, as an installer you soon have to deal with a huge set of screws, roof hooks, rails and clamps. Esdec’s ClickFit EVO mounting systems offer the ideal solution here, with universal rails and module clamps that are suitable for multiple roof types. In addition, our systems offer ultimate protection of the roof, because our ClickFit EVO system for tiled roofs uses a hook and click system so no drilling in the roof structure is required.

What setups are possible with ClickFit EVO?

In most cases, the type of roof covering is also a determining factor in the orientation of the solar panels. For example, on pitched tiled roofs, solar panels can usually be mounted in both landscape (vertical) and portrait (horizontal) orientation. But you may also have to deal with a type of roofing material in which one setup yields a higher return than the other. The choice of landscape or portrait mounting of solar panels on a pitched roof also depends on the presence of any obstacles on the roof, such as a dormer or a chimney. ClickFit EVO offers you the flexibility to install solar panels on a pitched roof in both landscape and portrait orientation so your customers can always benefit from the best possible yield.

What Kind of Mounting Systems for Pitched Roofs Does Esdec Offer?

Esdec offers the ClickFit EVO mounting system for mounting solar panels on tiled, steel and corrugated roofs.

The mounting system for tiled, steel, corrugated and standing seam roofs

  • Quick installation due to clever click system
  • Landscape and portrait possible
  • One-tool approach
  • Roof protection prevents leakage

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