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FlatFix Fusion: the versatile mounting system for flat roofs

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FlatFix Fusion is a 100% Dutch product that has proven itself over many years: the modular and flexible system for flat roofs. Its modular design enables a customized configuration to be created for every roof.

  • Completely modular system
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Single and dual setup
  • Unique thermal decoupling prevents damage to roof material
  • For the most common solar panels
  • NEW! Suitable for larger panels: up to 1150mm wide and 2190mm long

Modular click system

The different components enable flexible row lengths. This makes it possible to create a roof-specific setup and, for example, to build around obstacles.

  • Flexible installation
  • Easy to build around obstacles
  • Suitable for residential and commercial projects

Unique thermal disruption

Roofs and mounting systems expand and shrink due to temperature changes. FlatFix Fusion offers a unique thermal disruption. A moving hinge prevents friction between the base and the roof and protects the roof surface against damages.

  • Thermal disruption
  • Base with moving hinge
  • Prevents damages of the roof

Lightweight system

FlatFix Fusion is made of strong, lightweight materials. The solar panels are connected lengthwise and across their width. This makes the mounting solution additionally robust.

  • Aerodynamic system
  • Robust system thanks to connectors parallel and perpendicular to the panels
  • Tested to international standards

Easy to install

The components of FlatFix Fusion contain a number of smart features that make mounting very easy and guarantee the safety of the roof and PV system.

  • User-friendly click system
  • End clamp with bulges on the bottom facilitates easy clamping during assembly
  • Safe cable management thanks to push-out cable outlets in the wind deflectors
  • Optimizer clip can also be used for most micro inverters
  • The clamping force of the system remains optimal after removal and reinstallation of panels

20 years of warranty

The patented FlatFix Fusion system has been extensively tested on fire safety, wind resistance and corrosion. FlatFix Fusion is a high-quality mounting solution. It complies with the strictest international standards and comes with a 20-year warranty.

  • 20-year warranty
  • Use of premium materials
  • Thoroughly tested in wind tunnel
  • Tested to international standards


In our virtual showroom you can view all our mounting systems virtually in the Esdec Innovation Center.

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