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Lightning-fast installation with universal mounting system

With ClickFit® EVO tiled roof, you can mount solar panels on all types of pitched tiled roofs. Thanks to the universal design, this system is way faster to mount and more convenient than other mounting systems.

  • Suitable for all tiled roofs
  • Landscape and portrait panel orientation possible
  • Convenient click system
  • MCS Certified

Hooks or screws, both are possible

ClickFit EVO tiled roof is a convenient hook and click system. You no longer have to drill into the roof construction. The rails can be clicked into the roof hooks. That way, you only have to screw to fixate the solar panel clamps.

  • Convenient hook and click system
  • Screwing into the rafters is possible, using the ClickFit EVO truss hook
  • ClickFit EVO universal hooks and truss hooks can be combined in one system
  • One-tool approach

2 minutes

MCS Certified

ClickFit EVO for tiled roofs, both in the version with the truss hook and the version with the universal hook, is MCS certified. Meeting MCS recognised industry standards proves the high quality, competency and compliance of ClickFit Evo for tiled roofs. The certificate can be found here.

Sturdy and sustainable
resistant against corrosion

ClickFit EVO tiled roof is made of high-quality aluminium and Magnelis coated steel. This steel type has a longer lifespan, is highly resistant to corrosion and features a self-healing coating.

  • High-grade aluminium and Magnelis coated steel
  • Longer lifespan
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Self-healing coating

Installation in 4 quick steps

The ClickFit EVO Tiled Roof is installed in 4 straightforward steps:

  1. Hook the universal hook onto the roof construction or screw the truss hook in place
  2. Horizontally or vertically attach the mounting rails using the self-aligning connection
  3. Place power optimiser (if required) and safely locate the cables in the cable duct
  4. Attach the solar panels with the universal panel clamps. Place end caps, and you’re done!

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