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Flexible, quick and easy installation with ClickFit EVO steel roof

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Universal and reliable

With ClickFit® EVO steel roof, you can easily mount solar panels on all pitched steel roofs. The mounting system was specifically developed for the solar installer: quick, flexible and reliable.

  • For every type of steel roof
  • For all conventional solar panels
  • Landscape and portrait possible
  • Suitable for power optimisers & micro inverters
  • NEW! Mounting option with ClickFit EVO Hanger Bolt

Only 4 components

ClickFit EVO steel roof consists of 4 components. You only need one single tool to mount the components.

  • Low mounting profile
  • Or high mounting profile suitable for power optimisers
  • Mounting profiles for trapezoidal and corrugated steel roofs
  • ClickFit EVO Hanger Bolt for all other types of steel roof
  • Self-tapping screws
  • Universal module clamp

For trapezoidal and corrugated steel roofs

The ClickFit EVO steel roof mounting profiles are suitable for all types of steel roofing.

  • For each type of trapezoidal steel roofing
  • For corrugated steel roofing (using our EPDM adapter profile)

Non-standard steel profile roofs: roof mounting with hanger bolt

On other types of steel roofs, such as steel tile roofing sheets, you simply mount ClickFit EVO to the roof using a hanger bolt. The hanger bolt is delivered pre-assembled, and the flexible adapter allows you to easily and quickly compensate for roof irregularities of up to 10 degrees. The hanger bolt is adjustable in height, pivotable through 360 degrees and available in 3 lengths and 2 thicknesses for wooden purlins/trusses.

  • Fully pre-assembled
  • Compensates 10 degrees of unevenness
  • Pivotable through 360 degrees
  • Available in three lengths and two thicknesses for wood purlins/trusses
  • Can also be used with ClickFit EVO on corrugated, steel and Arabic tiles

Lightweight and waterproof

ClickFit EVO steel roof is sturdy and light. All mounting profiles have pre-punched holes and pre-attached EPDM rubber. This saves work and ensures a waterproof finish of the system. You can easily mount the profiles using the self-tapping screws.

  • Short, light mounting profiles
  • Pre-punched holes allow for easy mounting
  • Pre-attached EPDM rubber

20 years of warranty

Esdec offers 20 years of warranty on all mounting systems. ClickFit EVO steel roof is made of strong and lightweight materials, such as steel and high-grade aluminium. The system was tested extensively.

  • 20 years of warranty
  • Made of steel and high-grade aluminium

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