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ClickFit® EVO for corrugated roofs was specifically designed for the application of the well-known ClickFit EVO system on corrugated roofs, as frequently found in the agriculture sector.

  • Attachment using existing corrugated sheet screws  
  • Unique click connection  
  • Integrated cable management  
  • Mounting with mounting bracket or hanger bolt 


ClickFit EVO corrugated roof consists of 4 components. You only need one single tool to mount the components. The mounting system builds on the already existing ClickFit EVO series from Esdec. The mounting bracket, used to fix the mounting rails to the roof, is new and, thanks to the smart design, ensures a safe, simple installation and watertight closure. 

MCS Certified

ClickFit EVO for corrugated roofs, both in the version with the truss hook and the version with the universal hook, is MCS certified. Meeting MCS recognized industry standards proves the high quality, competency and compliance of ClickFit Evo for tiled roofs. The certificate can be found here.


The ClickFit EVO mounting bracket ensures the roof remains 100% waterproof after mounting. The mounting bracket is attached to the roof screws in the purlin. It fits exactly the crest of the roof and is supported by the troughs. This results in a homogeneous distribution of force and minimum load, which both contribute to the robustness of the system. 


The ClickFit EVO corrugated roof is installed in 4 straightforward steps:

  1. Attach the height-adjustable mounting bracket to the existing roof-panel screws. 
  2. Fix mounting rails vertically using a locking screw 
  3. Place power optimiser (if required) and safely locate the cables in the cable duct 
  4. Attach the solar panels with the universal panel clamps. Place end caps, and you’re done!  

Non-standard corrugated roofs: roof mounting with hanger bolt

On corrugated roofs which are not type 177/51 simply mount ClickFit EVO on the roof using the hanger bolt. The hanger bolt is delivered pre-assembled, and the flexible adapter allows you to easily and quickly compensate for roof irregularities of up to 10 degrees. The hanger bolt is adjustable in height, pivotable through 360 degrees and available in 3 lengths and 2 thicknesses for wooden purlins/trusses.  

  • Fully pre-assembled 
  • Compensates 10 degrees of unevenness 
  • Pivotable through 360 degrees 
  • Available in three lengths and two thicknesses for wood purlins/trusses 
  • Can also be used with ClickFit EVO on corrugated, steel and Arabic tiles 

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