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Quick, error-free installation

ClickFit EVO® Arabic tiles has been specially developed for use with the existing ClickFit EVO system on roofs with Arabic tiles. With the pre-assembled hanger bolt and universal ClickFit EVO click connection, you can install solar panels quickly and easily on both new and existing roofs.

  • Fully pre-assembled hanger bolt
  • Four components on the roof
  • Both landscape and portrait placement
  • For new builds and existing buildings

Install using the versatile ClickFit EVO Hanger Bolt

The ClickFit EVO Hanger Bolt is delivered pre-assembled, and the flexible adapter allows you to easily and quickly compensate for roof irregularities of up to 10 degrees. The hanger bolt is adjustable in height, pivotable through 360 degrees and available in 3 lengths and 2 thicknesses for wooden purlins/trusses. The hanger bolt can also be used with the ClickFit EVO system on corrugated, steel, EPDM and bitumen roofs!

  • Fully pre-assembled
  • Compensates 10 degrees of unevenness
  • Pivotable through 360 degrees
  • Available in three lengths and two thicknesses for wood purlins/trusses
  • Can also be used with ClickFit EVO on corrugated, steel, EPDM and bitumen roofs

Install in 6 quick steps

ClickFit EVO for Arabic Tiles is installed in 6 straightforward steps:

  1. Drill a hole in the convex part of the Arabic tiles.
  2. Install a chemical anchor
  3. Screw the hanger bolt into the cement layer or purlin/truss
  4. Click the mounting rails onto the hanger bolt
  5. Fit the optimizers and fix the cables
  6. Secure the panels with the module clamp and end cap


Ensure secure installation: Always design your project in the Esdec calculator. All results generated by the calculator are based on extensive testing and the latest safety standards.

  • All your projects in one central place in our calculator
  • See immediately which and how many components you need
  • Install according to your personal building plan
  • You are sure of a 20-year warranty on the system

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