PV system with Esdec’s ClickFit Basic steel roof system on Dutch ambassador’s residence in Accra

Since the beginning of this year the Dutch ambassador’sresidence in Accra is on solar power, generated from solar panels on the roof. 88 panels, covering an area of more than 200 m2, provide clean electricity every single day. The installation provides for almost half of the power needed.

The installation of the PV system was executed by our partner Dutch & Co, a Ghana based company certified for the import, installation and maintenance of PV systems and other renewable energy solutions. For this project they selected Esdec’s ClickFit Basic steel roof system which enabled them to install the entire project in just a little over three weeks!

“We already had solar panels on the roof of the embassy since 2013, so when I got here I was a bit surprised that no panels had been installed on the roof of the residence” says ambassador Ron Strikker. “In Ghana the use of electricity is high because of the air conditioning you need, so when you implement solar energy, the climate and your wallet are instantly the big winners.”

Solar energy is on the rise in Ghana. “More and more companies change to green energy, with international companies leading the pack ” says Herbert Friese, Managing Director of Dutch&Co. “Five years ago, a market for solar energy hardly existed, but now entrepreneurs do want solar panels on their roofs or at their premises. As far as I know, the Dutch residence is the first residence in Accra which generates electricity on its own roof. That makes me proud”.

“Clickfit Basic for steel roofs makes installation very quick and easy. The mounting bracket offers the necessary flexibility and the click connection ensures that the mounting rail is easy to install. I am very proud to see they managed to install the system in such a short timeframe”, says Christian Bongartz, commercial manager at Esdec. “And that this PV system, with our products, won an award in the internal competition of all Dutch Embassies makes it even better.”