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About Esdec

Esdec has supplied universal mounting systems for roof-mounted PV installations on flat and pitched roofs since 2004. With over 15 years of experience and over 7GW of solar panels installed, we have developed into an international market leader.

Quick, reliable, innovative

Esdec was founded by installers. Convenience for the installer is always the priority in the design of our products. Our mounting systems consist of light, sturdy components that can be mounted quickly and easily.

Safety and innovation

We believe it is important that all our products fit the latest technological developments. That is why we combine international expertise and continuously invest in innovation and R&D. Our mounting systems were extensively tested and meet the strictest safety standards.

International market leader

In recent years, the Esdec Solar Group acquired the American companies Ecofasten Solar, Iron Ridge and Quick Mount PV. With these acquisitions, we are now also the market leader in the U.S. in the segment of residential PV. From 2020 on, we will primarily focus on growth in Europe, in countries like Germany, France and Sweden.

Proud member of Solar Energy UK

At Esdec we strive to support our customers with the best products and project calculations that fully meet all national and international standards in terms of safety and reliability. Membership in (inter)national trade associations is crucial in this respect: to stay up to date, but also to contribute to a safer industry. In the UK we are a proud member of Solar Energy UK and on a European level we are a member of Solar Power Europe.

Knowledge partner in solar

We want to increase the knowledge in the market and fulfil the growing demand for expert installers both in the Netherlands and abroad. We regularly offer training courses for partners and installers in our Innovation Centre. Every year, we train over 500 installers.

Installers about Esdec mounting systems


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